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The Regional Wildlife Science Collaborative for Offshore Wind (RWSC) was cooperatively established and is led by four Sectors—federal agencies, states, eNGOs, and the offshore wind industry.

RWSC is serving as a coordination hub for offshore wind research to increase collaboration, limit redundancy, suggest common data standards, and increase data sharing and transparency.

LATEST News & Announcements

RWSC sends a monthly newsletter to subscribers that includes announcements and meeting invitations. Previous issues are archived here.

Science Plan

The Science Plan was developed by the RWSC Steering Committee based on recommendations from the RWSC Subcommittees and many other experts. It describes data and research needs for the larger community, whether funded by the RWSC or not, and provides a framework for the RWSC Steering Committee when making decisions on what projects to fund via the RWSC.

The Subcommittees are meeting regularly to share partners updates and implement Science Plan recommendations.