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Sector Caucuses


There are four RWSC Sectors: federal agencies, states, environmental non-governmental organizations, and the offshore wind industry. View the full RWSC Sector Caucus membership lists (February 2024).

Sector Caucuses provide input to the Steering Committee to ensure progress on strategic research on offshore wind and wildlife topics. Sector Caucuses also:

  • Select three (3) members from their Caucus to represent the Caucus on the Steering Committee. Each Caucus addresses Steering Committee membership individually and may have different criteria or methods for designating Steering Committee members.
  • Identify and sustain an approach to provide funding for the operations of the RWSC.
  • Provide a forum for all sector members to:
    • Engage, share, learn, and keep abreast of RWSC work.
    • Identify sector opportunities, issues or concerns that can be raised to the Steering Committee via Steering Committee sectoral representatives.
    • Allow Steering Committee representatives to pose questions, issues, and ideas from the Steering Committee to the sectors.

The RWSC Governance Structure includes frameworks for each Sector Caucus that specify considerations for membership, leadership, and contributions to RWSC.