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The RWSC Draft Science Plan is available for comment from July 1 – September 30, 2023.

The Draft Science Plan describes recommendations for data collection, research, and coordination compiled by the expert Subcommittees following more than a year of information gathering and discussion. More work is needed to hone the recommendations and discuss strategies to implement them. To accomplish this, we are inviting comments and feedback on the draft until September 30. Over this time, we will all consider how to improve the draft and work toward a final Science Plan by the end of 2023.

For more context, view the slides and recording from the Draft Science Plan Launch Webinar.

Questions or difficulties? Email Christian Laspada, RWSC Engagement Coordinator at [email protected]


Research funds management and administration

The RWSC has the capacity to manage and administer research funds. This includes:

  • Selecting projects by implementing RFP processes or other methods, using the Science Plan as a guide
  • Developing contracts
  • Budget tracking and financial reporting
  • Audit, tax, and other regulatory compliance
  • Communication and dissemination of research results

Ensure projects are consistent with ongoing research in the region/on the topic

The RWSC Steering Committee recognizes that it is a challenge to track the evolving research landscape as offshore wind development advances. The RWSC builds and maintains awareness of ongoing and pending research activities through regular engagement with and collaboration among the four RWSC Sectors and expert Subcommittees. The RWSC provides support to funders and project teams in planning research activities to:

  • Ensure project(s) are consistent and synergistic with any spatially or thematically adjacent research efforts
  • Deconflict fieldwork with other research, construction, and facility maintenance activities
  • Facilitate sharing and knowledge transfer across research activities by engaging project teams in regular meetings of RWSE Subcommittees

Convening experts and stakeholders to advise on project approaches, methods, analyses, and uses in decision making

This support role includes establishing and convening a project-specific advisory board or work group comprised of stakeholders from the four RWSC Sectors and six Subcommittees to advise project teams throughout all stages of research activities (study design, data collection, data management, analysis, communication). Smaller projects may benefit from targeted engagement with individual RWSC Subcommittees and/or Sector Caucuses.

Ensure projects have access to and follow best practices

In this role, RWSC provides support to project teams to ensure adherence to the minimum data standardization requirements and data sharing and transparency conditions that are under development by the RWSE Steering Committee and each of the Subcommittees as components of the RWSC Science Plan.

Communicate the value of research activities and results

RWSC maintains public resources and tools that characterize pending, ongoing, and completed wildlife and offshore wind research activities. RWSC works with funders and project teams to disseminate information about research activities and ensure any data and results are discoverable by other researchers, stakeholders, and decision makers. This role ensures that the value of individual and collaborative research efforts is communicated and understood by the general public.

The foundation of the Science Plan is the RWSC database of ongoing and pending offshore wind and wildlife research and data collection activities. Investigators and funders can add project information to the database using the “Submit new project” form.